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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Even though, St. Patty’s Day  is a completely American holiday to commemorate the death of St. Patrick.  Here are some fun Irish facts connected to design and food.

1. St. Patrick’s official color is blue not green.

2. Famous hat designer Phillip Treacy, just cause he’s a badass and Irish. Slàinte.

3. The Irish built most of the canals in New Orleans. Tens of thousands of the Irish (4,000-30,000)…

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The new year has been here almost a week now and I’m dusting off the remnants of 2013. I’m going to be frank with this post, I have never like New Year’s Resolutions.

They make me hopeful for what I can dream to accomplish, but they fill me with anxiety…

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Why Superheroes Still Can’t Have It All

Amy Sturgess has a demanding job, a dysfunctional family, and a baffling love life. She also has a bottle of Xanax permanently stashed in her pocket. Those pills come in especially handy when her pager buzzes in the middle of a meeting, instructing her to slip on a cape and turn into her alter ego, Starling. To make matters more stressful, Amy’s coworkers have no idea who she really is: While she’s off fighting crime, everyone assumes she’s just taking a really long time in the bathroom.
Sage Stossel’s first graphic novel is many things: a delightful satire, an offbeat romance, and a thought-provoking parable about why women still can’t have it all. It’s also a story about living, and thriving, with anxiety—which happens to be the subject of her brother, Scott’s, current Atlantic cover story (and forthcoming book). In this interview, Sage—a prolific cartoonist, the author of two children’s books, and an Atlantic contributing editor—talks about her unconventional superhero, her creative process, and her own memories of growing up with an anxious brother.
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Ridley Scott WeekPrometheus, 2012Cinematography: Dariusz Wolski


To make the design nerd’s heart sing, 108 years of Herman Miller in 108 seconds – great motion graphics piece by Part of a Bigger Plan.

(Source: explore-blog)

Chocolate Mill from Wieki Somers on Vimeo.

Chocolate Mill and the intricate geometric beauty of chocolate shavings via BLDGBLOG

Domestic Partnership series by Grissel Giuliano, opening at The Front, August 10, 2013.

Pecha Kucha Night at May Gallery, August 1st at 7pm.
Dracula illustrated by Edward Gorey.